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Importance of Salaat-Salaam (Durood Shareef)

Posted on March 6, 2011 at 4:03 AM

Salat & Salam [SALAWAAT]


Salaamun Alaa 'Ibaa dihil lazheynustafa Salaamun Alal Mursaleeyn

Importance of Salaat-Salaam (Durood Shareef)

"Allah and his angels send blessings on the Prophet. O you who believe! Send your blessings

on him, and salute him with all respects." (The Holy Quran 56:33)

Abdullah Ibn Abbas Radiallahu anhu reports that Rasulullah said,

"Whoever recites the following Durood once, Allah will instruct the angels to keep writing good

deeds for him for a thousand days."

(Jazallahu annaa muhammadan ma huwa ahluhu)

Translation: May Allah reward Muhammad, on our behalf, as much as he deserves.

Hadith recorded in Tabrani

Abu Hurairah Radiallahu anhu reports that the Holy Prophet said,

"Whoever recites the following Durood eighty times immediately after Asr Salaat on Friday,

before standing up from his place, Allah will forgive eighty years of sins and grant him the

reward equivalent to eighty years of worship."

(Allahumma salli alaa muhammadinin nabiyyil ummiyyi wa-ala aalihi wasallim tasleema)


Benefits of Reciting Salaat-Salaam (Durood Shareef)

Listed below are some of the many benefits a person receives by reciting Durood Shareef:

1. Almighty Allah sends ten mercies upon a person who recites Durood once.

2. Ten of his sins are forgiven.

3. The person's rank is raised by ten degrees.

4. Ten rewards are written for him.

5. T here is acceptance of Dua where Durood is recited at the beginning & at the end.

6. T he person will be blessed with the intercession of Rasulullah .

7. Almighty Allah will forgive his sins.

8. Almighty Allah is pleased with him.

9. The person will be nearer to the Prophet on the day of Judgement.

10. The person will have all his worries removed in this world and the hereafter

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