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Benefits of Zikr

Posted on December 1, 2010 at 6:13 AM

Benefits of Zikr

From “Zikrulaah Ke Fazail wa Masail” by Hadhrat Moulana Mufti Saeed

Mukhtaarud Deen

By Hadhrat Mufti A.H. Elias (May Allaah Taala

Protect him)

 Benefits of the Zikr of Allaah

Hafiz Ibn Qiyyum is a famous Muhaddith (scholar of ahadith). He penned a

worthy booklet in Arabic called “Alwahilil Saib” on the virtues of Zikr. In

which he states that there are more than 100 benefits of Zikr. He

enumerated 89, the summary of which in sequence is presented here.

Many virtues contain within themselves other virtues thus the benefits

exceed 100.

I (Mufti A.H. Elias) have subdivided the benefits to facilitate easier reading

and understanding thus the inclusion of (+) in the heading.

1) Zikr chases the Satan away;

2) Zikr breaks Satan’s strength, power, influence;

3) Zikr is the cause of Allaah Jalla Jallahu’s pleasure;

4) Zikr removes the concern, uncertainty of the heart;

5) Zikr removes the grief, sorrow of the heart;

6) Zikr creates happiness, ease, expansion in the heart;

7) Zikr creates wideness, joy in the heart;

8) Zikr grants the body strength, power, energy;

9) Zikr grants the heart strength, power, energy;

10) Zikr enlightens the heart;

11) Zikr illuminated the face;

12) Zikr draws, attracts, pulls Rizk (sustenance);

13) Zikr adorns the doer with awe;

14) Zikr envolved one creates joy, bliss on the onlooker;

15) Zikr creates love for Allaah Jalla Shanhu;

And love is the essence of Islaam and the headquarters of Deen. It is basis

of acceptance and salvation.

Whosoever desires to gain Allaah’s love then make Zikr in abundance. Just

as studying and revision is the door to Ilm, similarly the Zikr of Allaah is the

door for love.

16) Zikr leads to “Murakaba” (deep contemplation), which leads one

to “Ihsaan” by which such; Ibadaat results as if to say one is seeing

Allaah. (This is the ultimate purpose/object of the Soofis);

17) Zikr creates return to Allaah. Slowly slowly (progressively) such a

position/stage is reached that in every thing Allaah Taala Shanahu

because the axes, centre, focal point, place of return and in every

misfortune one turns (only) to Allaah;

18) Zikr creates nearness, proximity to Allaah. The more Zikr read, the

closer the proximity to Allaah, while decrease of Zikr will result in

the retreat away from Allaah;

19) Zikr opens the door of ‘Marifaat’ (recognition) of Allaah;

20) Zikr creates the awe of Allaah in ones heart;

21) Zikr creates the loftiness of Allaah in ones heart;

22) Zikr creates the feeling of the presence of Allaah;

23) Zikr is a cause to be in the exalted presence of Allaah Jalla

Shanahu, thus it stated in the Quraan “you remember Me, I will

remember you” and in the Hadith it is recorded, ‘whosoever

remembers Me within oneself, I will remember that one within

Myself’. The above is sufficient to extol the high status of Zikr

whereas there are so many other virtues;

24) Zikr enlivens the heart. Hafiz Ibn Tayimmia, the teacher of Hafiz

Ibn Qayyum, status that the Zikr of Allaah for the heart is like

water for the fish, understand yourself what will be the condition

of the fish without water;

25) Zikr is the sustenance for the heart;

26) Zikr is the sustenance for the ‘Ruh’ (soul). If the heart and soul do

not get their sustenance then it is like the body not getting food;

27) Zikr is the purger, cleanser of the rust and dirt of the heart, as it

comes in the hadith – on every thing there is rust and dirt

accordingly. The rust and dirt of the heart is desires and neglect.

Zikr cleanses it;

28) Zikr removes (wipes out) errors;

29) Zikr removes mistakes;

30) Zikr removes fear/fright from the heart of Allaah Jalla Shanhu,

upon the neglectful have a fear of Allaah in their hearts. Zikr itself

removes this type of fear;

31) Zikr of the servant is resounded around the Arsh;

32) Zikr maker in the times of ease is remembered by Allaah Jalla

Shanhu in the time of difficulty;

33) Zikr is the medium to get freedom from the punishment of Allaah;

34) Zikr is the cause of the descend of tranquillity;

35) Zikr is the cause of the descend of mercy;

36) Zikr maker is surrounded by Malaikh (angels);

37) Zikr maker is blessed by abstinence from backbiting, slandering, lie

telling, abusive language, and futile talk indulgence. This

experience and evidence proves that the one whose tongue is

harmful, in making the Zikr of Allaah is generally protected from

the above and the one whose tongue is not harmful, in making Zikr

is involved in every type of non-sensical talk;

38) Zikr gatherings are the gatherings of Malaikh and vain, futile

gatherings are the gatherings of Satan. Now man has the option to

choose which gatherings one likes and every person will choose

what one is inclined to;

39) Zikr makes one fortunate/pious and those sitting/associating with

him also, the neglectful and vain one is himself unfortunate and

also those who are with him;

40) Zikr maker will be protected from regret on the Day of Qiyaaamt,

for in the Hadith it is stated that every gathering wherein there

was no Zikr of Allaah will be the cause of regret and harm on the

Day of Qiyaamat;

41) Zikr accompanied by the good fortune of crying will benefit on the

Day of Qiyaamat when due to its intense heat when every person

on the Plains of resurrection will be afraid the person (of Zikr and

Cry) will be under the shade of the Arsh;

42) Zikr maker receives even more than the one engaged in Duaa. It is

recorded in the Hadith that Allaah Jalla Shanhu says that one who

due to making My Zikr was prevented from making Duaa then I will

grant them more than the one who engages in Duaa;

43) Zikr although an extremely easy Ibaadat is more superior to all

Ibadaats, for moving of the tongue is easier than moving all the

limbs of the body;

44) Zikr of Allaah are the seeds of Jannat;

45) Zikr benefits, boons and favours are promised greatly on it like no

other action. Thus one Hadith states that one who says Laillah Illa

Wadahu Lashareeh Lahu Mulk wa lahu hamdu wa hawa ala Kuli

Shaien Qadeer 100 times every day they will be rewarded for

freeing 10 slaves, 100 virtues and have 100 errors forgiven and

until evening protected from Shaitaan and no other person will be

more superior to him but one who does more action. Like this

there are many more Ahadith by which the superiority of Zikr can

be ascertained;

46) Zikr constantly results in the good fortune in forgetting ones Nafs

which results in peace. Allaah states “You all do not become like

those who have become neglectful of Allaah.” Thus Allaah has

made them neglectful of themselves i.e their intellect has been

subdued that they do not know what is beneficial (Hashr 3rd Ruku).

When man forgets his Nafs then one is not aware of the benefits

which becomes the cause of ones destination, like one who has a

field or garden and forgets to care for it then obviously it will be

destroyed, and will receive peace when one constantly makes the

Zikr of Allaah and Zikr becomes so beloved like water for the

thirsty one, food for the hungry one and due to severe heat and

intense cold the need for house and clothing, but the Zikr of Allaah

is for more worthy and deserving than all that, for by not having

those items the body will be destroyed and is nothing in

comparison to the destruction of the Ruh and Heart;

47) Zikr progresses man. On his bed, in the Bazaar. In good health and

whilst sick, whilst engaged in the boons and pleasures and there is

no other thing that is the cause of progress all the time. Whose

heart has been illuminated by the celestial Nur (light) of Zikr whilst

asleep is ahead of the neglectful one who stays awake at night;

48) Zikr of Nur is with one in this world;

49) Zikr will be with one in the Qabr;

50) Zikr will move ahead of the person on the Pul Siraat in the

Aakhiraat. (Details in original) (D.O);

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