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Etiquette of Dressing .

Posted on May 29, 2010 at 5:14 PM

Etiquette of Dressing

Eat, drink, give sadaqah (charity) and dress, but do not spoil it with extravagance and pride. (Musnad Ahmad)

It is permissible for the women of my Ummat to wear gold and silk, but this is strictly forbidden for the men of my Ummat. (Tirmidhi)



Whoever wear clothes of pride in this world, Allâh Ta'âla will dress him with clothes of shame on the Day of Qiyâmah.

When wearing clothes and when performing wudhu, begin with the right side first.


A man should not wear woman's clothing, nor a woman man's clothing, for Allâh's curse descends on such people.



When putting on shoes, begin by placing the right foot into the right shoe first.



When removing the shoes, remove the left shoe first. (Bukhari)


Do not walk whilst wearing one shoe only, either wear both or remove both.

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