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Young. British. Female. Muslim.

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    Young. British. Female.




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Modesty: An Inside-Out Approach

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Why Do I Wear Hijab

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Written by Sultana Yusuf Ali -Source: Toronto Star - Young People's Press

I probably do not fit into the preconceived notion of a "rebel.'' I have no visible tattoos and minimal piercings. I do not possess a leather jacket. In fact, when most people look at me, thei...

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Top Ten Excuses for NOT donning Hijab...

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Top Ten Excuses for NOT donning Hijab...

Top Ten Excuses of Muslim Women regarding Hijab and Its Responses

1. I'm not yet convinced of the necessity of the Hijab..

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Sara Bokker

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Sara Bokker is a former actress, model, fitness instructor, and (and now) an activist. She is an American woman, who had lived in Florida and on the South Beach of Miami. She abandoned her bikini, a symbol of her liberty as she used to perceive it, for niqab (face veil).

Despite being raised as a Lutheran, Sara didn’t believe in the “church stuff” such as singing, worshiping pictures...

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Why Should I Wear the Hijaab?

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Dear Muslim Sister!

Come towards the gates of Paradise with us! Fulfill your duties towards Allaah, put on your adornment put on your hijaab, and race towards Jannah (Paradise) by doing all good actions.

This is a good question and there is a beautiful answer! Allaah has commanded us with every action that is good for us and prohibited us from performing every action that is bad for us. Allaah orders the Muslim woman to wear the hijaab when she ste...

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How I Came to Love the Veil - By Yvonne Ridley

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Politicians and journalists just love to write about the oppression of women in Islam ... without even talking to the females beneath the veil. They simply have no idea how Muslim women are protected and respected within the Islamic framework which was built more than 1400 years ago.



Yet, by writing about cultural issues like child brides, female circumcision, honor killings, and forced marriages, they wrongly believe the...

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The Greatest Women who ever lived

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Sparkling gems in their own times, they continue to glisten beyond their age, making their appeal everlasting. Each one a legend in her own right...

What are the most famous women of today celebrated for? Those held up as role models for the modern woman include actresses, singers, footballers WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and glamour models - all celebrated for their physical appeal. Very rarely will a woman be deemed ‘successful’ for other than what ...

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Two Women Who Stood Up to Fir'awn

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Ibn Kathir commented on the verse: “And Allah has set forth an example for those who believe: the wife of Fir’awn, when she said: “My Lord! Build for me a home with You in Paradise, and save me from Fir’awn and his work, and save me from the wrong-doers.” [at-Tahrim; 11]:

Qatadah said: “Fir’awn was the most tyrannical and disbelieving person on Earth, and by Allah, his disbelief did not affect his wife when she decided to obey her Lord.&...

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The Niqab - Fact v Fiction

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(This article appeared in the Times Online, UK. The article clarifies many misconceptions about the niqab and although primarliy aimed at a non-Muslim readership, the information herein is beneficial for Muslims as well)

(NB: Niqab refers to face covering for Muslim Women. It is also referred to as the face veil or purdah)

1.The niqab is a symbol of female subjugation.

None of the niqab-wearing women who I know, wear it because they have been forced t...

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Reflecting on the Hijab

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As sisters living in the west we sometimes struggle with our faith, this beautiful deen which is Islam. Walking down any street or through a busy mall it’s clear that society always targets women. Ads are plastered all over walls, billboards with half naked women, which confuse one as to what is actually being sold. Take a look at the women in today’s modern day society and you’ll see girls as young as twelve suffering from the ills of...

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