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The Fan Club of the Prince of Mankind promoting the love of the Prophet Mohammed صلى الله عليه واله وسلم , motivating the ummah onto follwing His sunnah, and sending abundant salutations upon Him.

The app allow immediate salawat and durood pledges, with links to various salwat and durood compilation.


A live streaming link to FCPM broadcasts and live events inspiring towards a sunnah lifestyle. Regular notifications of FCPM events and updates to motivate and inspire. The ability to SMS and email directly FCPM and be part of a collaborative and interactive community promoting sunnah. Useful links for the lovers of the beloved prophet muhammed (peace be upon him)







13 Line Quran App

Quran 13 Line is an intuitive Quran app that enables you to read in the classic 13 Line script with interactive audio and translation features. The 13 Line Quran is used by millions of sub-continent muslims across India, Pakistan, South Africa, UK, USA and around the world. Simply tap and hold on any ayah to play the recitation, memorize, bookmark or view the translation.

Some of the key features include:


- Full HD Holy Quran 13 Line Script - refined digital design!
- Classic 13 Line Quran script in book style reading experience, with an easy to use interface
- Full screen mode for immersive reading experience 
- Read in color with tajweed rules or read in black and white
- Auto-rotate for portrait or landscape mode - no pixelation 


- Bookmark pages or bookmark a specific sentence
- Jump to any page by using the "Slide to Page" feature
- Main index allow easy navigation to Juz / Surah / Ayah / Page 
- Intuitive “tap & hold” menu
- Absolutely no Ads!


To Download Click here  




Al Haramain


Haramain Android App
- Live Streaming from Hramain.
- Audio, Video & Text lessons
- Quraan Recitation
- Haj & Ramadan related lessons.
- Pray times.
- Gallery.


My Mosque


We are a new company aspiring to bring innovation and technology to the global Muslim community. My Mosque, is essentially about facilitating and enhancing our relationships with our Mosques.

Qibla Direction
Wherever you may be, home, office or on the road – no need to guess the direction of Qibla when praying Salah. My Mosque does it all for you.

Masjid list 
Whether you are travelling or not My Mosque will show you which Masjid are within your vicinity, their location and distance from where you are. You simply have to subscribe to a particular mosque to receive its information.

Salah Times
This feature is unique in the sense that you no longer need to choose a calculation method nor start adjusting times to fit your locality as with other Apps on the market – the prayer times have been uploaded directly from the mosque you choose to subscribe to.

The Masjid can send out push notifications to all its subscribers regarding different programmes, events, fundraising or even daily reminders. You will receive these as messages direct to your iPhone so you will always be aware. If it happens that you see the text but forget the details – no problem – you can review all messages under the notifications tab of your subscribed mosque.

Ask Imam 
As the title suggests – with this feature you can send your questions directly to your local Masjid for the Imam/Scholar to review and answer. All questions will remain anonymous, hence you are now able to ask your personal questions without having to speak face to face with your imams/scholars and benefit from their spiritual guidance.


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